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Mindjet is a mind mapping and innovation management software company headquartered in San Francisco, California. Mindjet's software products, including its flagship product MindManager and SpigitEngage, are designed to visually and collaboratively manage information and tasks. As of June 2016, Mindjet had approximately sixteen million users.


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Sales says

"This company is poorly managed. The merger with Spigit was a complete diversion from the core business of Mindjet, representing another change in "strategy." They squandered a market leadership position with their desktop mind mapping software. Have taken debt financing to keep the ship afloat. Many folks have left. Run."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The territories are not properly aligned and goals are not achievable by any AE or renewal rep. There hasn't been anyone who hit their number in over 4 years. It seems like management plays favorites. They hire their friends and take vacations together. You could be the highest achieving sales or renewal rep and they will fire you if they don't like you. They get away with this because they set quotas that they know you can not obtain."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"CEO has lost his way, There are constant layoffs and no one feels save."


"Senior leadership does not appear to know what to do with this combined company. At all-hands, CEO presented the same slides conveying the same message as at the four prior quarterly meetings. Consistency of message is important, however the message was unclear, not actionable and did not express a future direction. The sales management does not appear to speak to each other, renewals are sold at deep discounts and very few new customers were in Q3-Q4 2015 and Q1 2016. Salary increases are non-existent and bonuses are nominal at best (2% in 2014). No one wants to be the first to introduce an upgrade to their current customers."

Former Employee - Sales says

"Middle and upper management is pretty much the stereotype of people who have been promoted by kissing butt and not making waves. As a result, they are pretty clueless and incompetent. They do not know the direction they want to go as a company. Are they a mind-mapping tool; are they innovation software? Do they want to sell to small businesses; do they want to sell to enterprises? Are they planning on IPO? THEY DON'T KNOW! Scott Raskin is more concerned with hiring buddies and his detox diets than effectively running the company."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management is weak and gives vague instruction to avoid discussing negative and awkward problems. This results in a lack of coordination between teams and problems go unacknowledged until they become urgent and serious. An excellent example of this is sales comp plans. They almost always come out months late and are vague about key details such as what bookings qualify to be paid commissions on."

Senior Software Engineer says

"Mindjet is a broken company. With only 100 employees on site at the SF HQ and history stretching back to the 90's, you would expect all the advantages of a small company and few of the disadvantages. Sadly, the opposite is the case. Teams are incredibly silo'd. Egos run rampant. Process is not intentional. Communication is non-existent. Mindjet is a confusing, depressing place to work. It's no wonder the turnover rate is so extraordinarily high."

Sales/Marketing says

"Supposedly one of the main ideas in moving to SF was to have a bigger talent pool to draw from. In my eyes it's precisely this supposed talent pool that changed MJ for the worse. Once we moved to San Francisco to the (relatively) gigantic, oversized, underutilized, fancy, over-priced architect-designed space, it all started to fall apart and it was never the same again. They said the move was for the talent pool, but in hindsight, I'd say we moved to the city for money and a prestigious address. Funny thing is we had plenty of talent at the old offices. And if the company was that great, then talent should've been willing to cross the bridge. After we moved, we went through 5 or 6 department heads in under 1 year, and that was just from 3 departments. The whole company vibe changed instantly, it was an overnight phenomenon. Literally. Then we started bringing in outsiders, and then those outsiders started bringing in their own people, and round it went. And the owners sold out at the same time, so that original company motivation and story kind of left with them. And then the people that helped build up MJ from the beginning, all started to leave one by one. The move was back in late '06 I think, so this has been a long process. And judging from other more recent employees who have posted reviews in the last several years, it seems like MJ hasn't been able to find itself since."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No clear direction -- it's changes all the time, NOT a people-first culture, rarely get the truth from senior management, narrow-minded view of product design and marketing, money is tight and it shows,"

Former Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"For a small company like Mindjet, one spend too much time than it is reasonable to deal with politics rather than doing something productive. There are a lot of good insights and ideas around, but they don't get surfaced to upper management level nor do they get the right attention or respect. Communication across teams or management level does not exists. People are confused at times and don't know what is going on with other teams or management. Moral is low."

Employee (Former Employee) says

"Despite its small size, MJ has long, slow processes like a big corporation, and yet has benefits for a small company. It is driven by a management team who makes decisions without listening to its employees, and management team is not tuned in to its customers. Tight deadlines are set with no apparent reason causing products to go out with a lot of bugs.free catered lunches 2x a weekno chance for advancement, no ability to voice opinions"

Corporate Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management, no company culture to speak of. Everything is a competition, not in a good way, like it is cut throat.Free LunchesEverything else"

Junior Network Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Excellent people and great product, mindmapping market leader. A few issue with the offer of the products line, created confusion in customer base.free lunchessenior management"

Product Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company went through two layoffs while I was there and had a host of other problems getting revenue. Also I was definitely not getting paid a competitive salary for my role at the company. Management was constantly in flux, I had 8-12 different supervisors while I was at the company. I did have great opportunities for more responsibility, and the people were mostly great to work with. It's not the people who work there's fault that the product is getting disrupted by free and cheap competitors."

Java server engineer (Former Employee) says

"Work life balance is a 3* because there wasn't enough work. Heard things are different not, but now management is worse (didnt think that was possible) Very relaxed, chilled out co workers. there were some smart people but guess all of them left now. Not sure about the current cropFree lunches 2-3 times a week, fun peopleManagement"

QA Analyst (Current Employee) says

"One of the best employer i ever seen. Casual and friendly atmosphere and hard working, welcoming attitude of employees. Location is the best if you enjoy connecting with nature. Plus 3 times per week every one can have free lunches. and Plus Plus they have free yoga and meditation classes. Plus Plus Plus - They make money you will be rewarded with bonuses"